So what the heck is boudoir photography anyway?

14 10 2013

I’ve got to be honest with you I’ve never been a fan of boudoir photography. Guess that sounds funny coming from the mouth of someone who specializes in nude photography in Phoenix, AZ and before that in Denver, CO.  For years we tried to distance ourselves from the concept of boudoir photography,  avoiding every reference to the term “boudoir” in all our marketing and on our web-site.  Twenty years ago, when we started BodyPhotage, boudoir photography was soft focus lenses, pink feather boas,  big, poufy hair and too much make-up.  Kind of like “glamour shots” in cheesy lingerie.  We wanted our photography to be about the art of the body; sculptural, classic and timeless.   It took us a few years to bring our style into the mainstream, which should be no surprise to anyone, when you consider how many  “gentlemen’s bars” there are compared to museums of art in any town or city. 

Twenty years later though, here we are adding the words “boudoir photography” Phoenix, AZ to all of our information.  I hope that doesn’t make me a hypocrite.  Boudoir photography has gone mainstream now and people use the word “boudoir” as a catch-all phrase for sexy photos, sensual photos, artistic nude photos and intimate photos.   Boudoir photography has grown up and the better photographers have developed their own style of boudoir photography.  We’ve evolved as well. Welcome to the new boudoir- sassy, sensual, sexy and sophisticated!